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Non-Paid Internship / College credit

As an intern your role will be a supporting role direct to the CEO - as a Project Manager. The work may include CSS, PHP, HTML and Word press development, web design, server environment, and Photoshop. This role requires a person with exceptional attention to detail and some project management skills. You will learn skills in web development, web strategy, usability and interaction design, server environments and organizational structure and process.

Once you have secured a position with us, we will meet with your professor, academic advisor or faculty supervisor to confirm your eligibility, complete necessary internship registration forms, and obtain necessary approvals. Then ensure that the Registrar's Office receives your paperwork by the registration deadline to get college credit.  

Work Experience

The internship will run for a specific period of time. Usually a 3-6 month time frame. You must complete your assignments with in the required hours.  The student may request specific work hours, we are  flexible, however core hours and days must be established at the beginning of the internship.  If for some reason your college will not accept your submission for college credit. You will still gain work experience that can be included in your resume.  A good reference is dependent upon how well you completed work assignments,  positive feedback received from clients and whether you strive for excellence and strive to exceeded expectations. The CEO will provide a letter of reference at the student request and will be available to be listed as a reference on your resume. 

How to Apply

If you would like to intern with us,  please email your resume, a complete list of computer software and program proficiencies along with three web design, graphic design, or any publication that demonstrate your design work to: